Mod Support

Mod Support

Browse and share engine plugins, tools and SDKs created by and the community to make adding support for mods in your game a breeze. Our code can be found on Github, and we run a private test environment for you to experiment on.

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Unity Plugin

We are extremely excited to officially announce the launch of the Unity Plugin, which makes it easy for Unity game developers to support in-game mod browsing and installs.

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Unity is an incredibly powerful engine with great moddability, that makes it easy to pull custom assets into your game. However supporting mods is one thing, presenting these to the user, moderating the content, implementing search and filters to help with discovery presents an entirely different set of time consuming challenges for game developers. We are proud to announce today that we have officially solved these challenges, and have built a plugin for supporting mods in Unity games that comes complete with a UI and takes only a few hours total to get up and running.

Features include

  • Platform agnostic (support 1 click mod installs on Steam, Epic Games Store, Discord, GOG, and even consoles in the future)
  • Clientless (it has no other dependencies and works behind the scenes in your game)
  • Powerful search, filtering and tagging of mods
  • C# interface built on the Unity Engine for connecting to the API
  • Players can activate / deactivate mods they are subscribed to
  • Customizable mod browsing UI

Benefits of using offers the same core functionality as Steamworks Workshop (1 click mod installs in-game), plus mod hosting, moderation and all of the critical pieces needed. Where we differ is our approach to modding and the flexibility a REST API offers. For example:

  • Our API is not dependent on a client or SDK, allowing you to run in many places such as your homepage, launchers and even create discord bots
  • Designing a good mod browsing UI is hard, our plugin ships with a UI built in to save you a lot of effort and help your mods stand out
  • We don’t apply rules globally, so if you want to enable patronage, sales or other experimental features, reach out to discuss
  • Our platform is built by the super experienced team and is continually improving for your benefit
  • Your community can consume the API to build modding fan sites or discord bots if they want
  • Communicate and interact with your players, using our built-in emailer

Large studios and publishers

A private white label option is available to license, if you want a fully featured mod-platform that you can control and host in-house. Contact us to discuss.

Install instructions

Getting mods installing takes minutes:

  1. Download the Unity package and import it into your project
  2. Drop the _ModBrowser prefab into your menu scene, or adapt the ExampleScene for your purposes
  3. Set up your game on (or our private test environment) to get your game ID and API key
  4. Input your ID and API key by selecting "Plugin Settings" on the ModBrowser component inspector, or under the Settings menu item
  5. In your code, make a call to ModManager.GetInstalledModDirectories() to get a list of mod data your player has installed (read our wiki for detailed instructions)
  6. Setup complete!

All mods submitted to will be automatically fetched and managed by the plugin, and are instantly downloadable and testable. Any questions feel free to jump on our Discord to chat to our development team and community.



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