UE4 SDK integration

Learn how to integrate mod.io SDK into a UE4 project.

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UPDATE: Please note this guide is out of date, we are now actively building a UE4 plugin with full C and blueprint support, as well as exploring how to better cook and submit mods from the editor.

mod.io integration can be achieved in Unreal Engine projects using our modern C++ SDK. If you are an Unreal Engine 4 game developer wanting to add robust modding features to your games, this guide is a great starting point for you. mod.io can be integrated on UE4 just like any other standard C++ library.

Before beginning make sure you have the latest versions of:

The mod.io SDK contains the mod.io library and the headers. Both can be linked and included correspondingly using the UE4 C# build system. If you are not familiar with C# don't worry it's not difficult to set it up. With this you are ready to complete your mod.io integration by following the official documentation and examples.

A more complete integration with Unreal Engine can be done using blueprints, because in Unreal you can create C++ functions as custom Blueprint Nodes. Please follow the UE4 tutorial and sample project to learn how to achieve this. It covers step by step all the details to get you started using mod.io.

We are also working on an Unreal Engine plugin, which aims to make end-to-end integration as easy as using any complete plugin in the Unreal Engine marketplace. At the time of writing it is not complete, but once complete you will be able to find it here.


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