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HAXE Wrapper for Mod Support

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Published by turupawn (mod ID: 138)

HAXE Wrapper History

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Jun 6 2019 - 0.6.4

Non breaking change that updates to the SDK v0.11.2 some fixes and improvements. Checkout the full changelog on Github Relase. In case you're completely new to check out our getting started guide instead.

Aug 28 2018 - 0.5.0


This version focuses on supporting what's needed for mod browsing, downloading and uploading. Please visit the example list for details.


  • Updated the SDK to v0.8.0, (see release)
  • Added the ModCreator ModEditor and ModfileCreator objects to be passed as parameters for addMod, editMod, addModfile
  • Renamed getMods to getAllMods
  • Added the response_code parameter to the download and upload listener
  • rating_summary field was removed from the Mod object
  • description_plain_text and stats are now part of the Mod object