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SDK History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash

Jun 4 2019 - 0.11.2

v0.11.3 includes optimizations and fixes some issues. It also improves the low level C interface. Checkout the full changelog on Github Relase. In case you're completely new to check out our getting href="">started guide instead.

Apr 3 2019 - 0.11.0

This version focuses on supporting Unreal Engine 4 and adding the Steam and GOG seamless authentication flow. The UE4 plugin is under open development, more information soon. For more information about the Steam and GOG authentication see below or look directly into the API documentation.

Dec 9 2018 - 0.10.1

Fixes some issues by retaining the speed boosts and optimizations of v0.10.0.


  • Fixed issue where mods were downloaded two times under some circumstances
  • Mod extraction is now aborted in case the downloaded .zip file is corrupted preventing game crash
  • Fixed some logs that wasn't being displayed under some circumstances

Nov 13 2018 - 0.10.0

Now mods won't be extracted and installed just after download finishes. Instead, they will be automatically extracted on the next initialization or when installDownloadedMods is called. This is to prevent frame drops on unwanted moments. Additionally compilation and internal issues were fixed.


  • Added downloadMod and installDownloadedMods funcitons
  • Removed installMod function
  • Added compiled static libraries under the static/ directory
  • Removed binaries compiled with nmake
  • Removed the MODIO_MOD_EXTRACTING constant from mod states
  • Fixed cache issues resulting in sometimes returning wrong data
  • Added position independent code flag to the static build for enabling dynamic library wrappers

Oct 22 2018 - 0.9.0

Pull request involved: #66


Now with the result_total as part of the Response object, mod browsing should be simpler. Updated to the Get User Ratings functionality provided by the API. And added internal optimizations and fixes.



  • result_total field added to the Response object
  • Rating object added as well as the getUserRatings function
  • The ModfileCreator object now accepts both directories and .zip files as modfile path
  • Added the MODIO_STATICLIB that enables static compilation

Improvements and bugfixes

  • Improved performance, specially on the process() and getModState() functions
  • Solved memory leak issues
  • Now curl and zlib dependencies are included in a standard way

Aug 28 2018 - 0.8.0

Pull request involved: #62


This version introduces the Stats functionality recently added to the API. It replaces the rating_summary with the stats field on the Mod schema. The stats fields are prone to change more frequently than the rest of the Mod fields so this addition makes easier to keep installed and cached mods updated. This can be achieved by using the getModStats (see example) and getAllModStats (see example).

Additionally some functions were renamed in order to match the API documentation, and some bugfixes and improvements were added under the hood.



  • implemented getModStats, getAllModStats and getModComment
  • added the stats and description_plaintext fields to the Mod object


  • The Ratings Summary schema was removed. Previously, it was part of the Mod object.

Improvements and bugfixes

  • Cache files older than one hour are now deleted on startup
  • Fixed a bug resulting on generating an unwanted modio.json file on the root
  • Download queue mod data (mod name, description, images urls etc...) is now updated just after queuing the download so it can be accessed even if the download has not started

Functions renamed

  • getTags renamed to getModTags
  • addTags renamed to addModTags
  • deleteTags renamed to deleteModTags
  • getInstalledMods renamed to getAllInstalledMods
  • getMetadataKVP renamed to getAllMetadataKVP
  • getMods renamed to getAllMods
  • getModfiles renamed to getAllModfiles