Unity Plugin History

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Apr 19 2019 - 2.0.5a

- [DownloadClient] Implemented the ability to cancel mod binary downloads, adding the "wasAborted" field to the FileDownloadInfo object.

- [General] APIClient no provides uses the gameId, gameAPIKey, or apiURL key. These fields should now be accessed through the PluginSettings.data object.
- [APIClient] Now handles the encoding of Steam Encrypted App Tickets within the function call.
- [ModManager] Changed UpdateAllInstalledMods() to DownloadAndUpdateMods() which accepts a list of ids as a parameter, allowing it to be called for subscriptions, instead of just mods that are already installed.
- [UserAuthenticatedData] Now loads the instance from file whenever called if the Application is not playing to allow for changes made to PluginSettings within the editor.

- [UI.ModBrowser] Now correctly cancels mod downloads that are unsubscribed during the download process.
- [UI.ExplorerView] Now clears collected mod views OnDisable, preventing null-refs in the modViews iterator.
- [UI.ScaleFitter] Now performs the resize earlier, preventing a "jump" on load
- [IOUtilities] Allows for a null value when using CombinePath

Apr 8 2019 - 2.0.4

- [APIClient] Finalized implementation of GOG and Steam authentication.

- [APIClient/WebRequestError] No provide far more useful and complete data when logging web request responses.
- [ModManager] TryInstallMod() now only removes the other mod versions if the install succeeds.
- [UI.ExplorerView] Now no longer manages the layouting of the ModTiles, using a template style pattern similar to the standard Unity Dropdown implementation.
- [UI.JumpScrollRect] No longer requires a ScrollRect as a component on the same Game Object.

- Added some missing Filter Field definition classes
- [APIClient] Corrected some mis-typed returns
- [UI.JumpScrollRect] Fixed an issue where nesting the content object within the viewport object caused it to miscalculate the left-most anchor jump position.
- [UI.ModMediaContainer] Fixed an issue where layouting was not being correctly rebuilt when media was changed.

Mar 3 2019 - 2.0.3

- Added ModManager.UpdateAllInstalledMods_Coroutine() to allow developers to manually process updates outside of the ModBrowser. This change is the start of the separation of the UI and Networking functionality from the ModBrowser class.

- Massive improvements made to error handling, most notably the WebRequestError now processes the WebRequest data to provide more useful information.
- [PS4] Now a valid build target through the removal of JsonExtensionData and a workaround for download redirects. (Special thanks to Eamon of Spiderling Studios.)
- [ModManager] Now excludes unrecognized mods from GetInstalledModVersions()
- [UI.LoginDialog] Improved state feedback through additional events
- [UI.ModBrowser] Better login-state detection between requests to ensure fewer unexpected failures.

- [UI.ModBrowser] Better detection unresolvable sub/unsub requests which are now removed from the queue.

Feb 24 2019 - 2.0.2


  • This release of the mod.io Unity Plugin was developed in Unity 2018.2 and is forwards compatible. Future releases will support older Unity versions, with plans to include Unity 2017.x and Unity 5.x
  • Implemented theming support through the use of Color Scheme scriptable objects.

  • Improvements:

  • A whole slew of general UI improvements have been made to increase the usability and presentation of mods.
  • Subscription View now filters on text updates, rather than on exiting the text box.
  • Improved the functionality and presentation of the Filter View.
  • Added text overflow ellipses.
  • Added the Get User Ratings and Authenticate via Steam endpoints to the API Client.
  • Improved various null-ref checks for scene objects.

  • Fixes:

  • Corrected a sort direction bug in the Explorer View.
  • PluginSettings are no-longer cached if the Application is not playing.