Unreal Engine Plugin


Development of the Unreal Engine Plugin has begun. We are working on a way to cook and submit mods to mod.io as well as using the mod.io API to control the browsing, downloading and installation of mod files in game. You can track our progress and submit pull requests at our Github linked below.

Getting started

Despite the fact that our official Unreal Engine Plugin is still been built, if you are a game developer you can add mod.io support to your Unreal game using our API or SDK (we have posted a starter guide for UE4 developers to help get you going). Follow the steps below to get started with mod.io:

  1. Add your game to our test environment or production
  2. Read our API documentation for an overview of how mod.io works
  3. Use our API or SDK to integrate mod.io into your game and mod making tools
  4. Ready to launch? Add your game to our production environment then let's discuss promoting your release
  5. Need help? Our team is available on Discord to assist and our getting started guide has more information for you

Other Repositories

Our aim with mod.io, is to provide an open modding API. You are welcome to view, fork and contribute to our other codebases:


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